Grand Gazebo - Ceremony Area

    The Grand Gazebo is designed for you and your guests to experience all the glory that nature has to offer here in Missouri. It is a uniquely ornate 18 1/2 foot high Filigreed Dome and is surrounded by 6 Georgian Columns in a 26 foot diameter concrete base. Nestled near the Park tree line next to one of Liberty Plantation’s Grand Oak trees with Angels watching on.

      Venue Guests will have full view of the glorious splendor of the Mansion and it’s impressive Black and White Fountain and Courtyard. The Grand Gazebo area is surrounded by Flowering Cherry, Flowering Pear, and Dogwood trees, as well as  4 huge Flower Garden areas with flowers sure to be in bloom throughout the Wedding Season.

     The Grand Gazebo has outdoor speakers and can play your music for the ceremony and is adjacent to the Brides cottage. The Grand Gazebo area can seat 800 guests.

Liberty Plantation provides an uniquely enjoyable experience like no other venue can. With Music throughout the 18.5 acre property including the Grand Gazebo. You will be surrounded in nature and luxury.


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Phone: 417-772-4273