Our Amenities

At Liberty Plantation we have an incredible list of Amenities that are provided to enhance you and your guests Experience. You will have exclusive access to all of the Amenities listed below with your 6 hour or Full Day Rental. The 3 Hour rental has exclusive access to everything with the exception Eaton Hall.

     •  Parking space over an acre of         designated parking.

     •   Liberty Plantation staff in the          parking lot.

     •   Liberty Plantation Staff at          Lakeside Pavilion and Eaton          Hall.

     •   Gift Shop for those forgotten           items, like umbrellas, comfy           dance slippers, sun screeen,           insect repellant, pain reliever,           women’s products, etc.

     •   Brides Cottage with back lit           mirror, full length mirror, dress           hangers, restroom,seating, and                   a refrigerator. Has separate           access from guests.

     •   Ceremony Rehearsal (based on           availability)

     •   Mansion photography access          (Bride and Groom only)

     •   Lakeside Pavilion (Cocktail          hour space) Large 2 peaked          tent 80’x40’ overlooks garden          seating area and Table Rock          Lake. Large trees for shade,          with overhead string lighting.

     •   Lakeside Pavilion outdoor          seating 100’x120’ Garden          seating area overlooks Table          Rock Lake. Large trees for          shade, and overhead string          lighting. Has 10 outdoor          furniture sets includes 2 chairs,           couch, and table each.

     •   Cocktail tables Sturdy Heavy           duty 32” round bar height.

     •   2 Mobile Bars with soda guns,           speed wells, and ice to           expedite service.

     •   2 Jiffy Cool Portable drink           refrigerators that can hold over           100 iced drinks for 12 hours in           over 100 degrees.

     •   Folding white Chairs for          Ceremony up to 200.

     •   Tables for Eaton Hall Sturdy           Heavy duty 72” round seats 12           each (20 tables).

     •   Chiavari Napoleon Chairs for                    Eaton Hall (reception) up to           200.

     •   Music throughout the 18.5-acre           property, can play your songs           via USB drive or PC, or           streaming stations, as well as           DJ input.

     •   Bride and Groom Platform          Seating (Can be moved          anywhere in Hall).

     •   Elevated second level Band or           DJ Stage in Eaton Hall.

     •   Your Caterer's (or our caterer)           access to Full Commercial           Kitchen. The freshest cooked           food so that your guests won’t           be subjected to warmed over           food that has been sitting for           hours before they dine.

     •   Handicap Facilities on site           which also has a changing           station for parents with small           children.

     •   Golf Cart Transport Shuttle of           Disabled guests who might be           unable to stroll down the tree           covered lane from the parking           area.

     •   Parking lot Attendant to make           sure you know where to park           and to watch over vehicles           during your event.

     •   Catering Packages Available.

     •   Bar Service Available.

     •   The Grand Gazebo ceremony           area in a park area with huge           Oaks, Cedars, Elm, Dogwood,           Cherry,Pine, and Pear trees as           well as various shrubs with           Angel statues, can seat 800           guests.

     •   Eaton Hall boasts 4700sf of          celebration space with Roman          columns at entrance as well as          inside the hall.

     •   Black, white, and silver marbled           metallic epoxy flooring           throughout Eaton Hall.

     •   Colored can lighting that can           be changed to any color you           like.

     •   10 large Crystal Chandeliers in           hall.

     •   Sound system in Eaton Hall           and throughout the entire           property.

     •   Microphone PA systems (2).

     •   True lighted Disco Ball in Eaton           Hall.

     •   DJ Lighting (State of the Art)          can be programmed to music
         or random, has all colors,          colored images flashing around          room. (i.e., Flowers, stars etc.).

     •   180-inch Projection Screen           (Lowered or retracted as            needed from ceiling at Second            Level Stage). Perfect or those            embarrassing baby picture            collage or feed video of well            wishes from the guests.
          Also great for presentations!

If you prefer you can contact us by:

Phone: 417-772-4273

Email: lpevents4u@gmail.com