The Mansion

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    Liberty Plantation Mansion was built in 2017 and was designed to be the most elegant mansion with old world style and grace. It offers a myriad of photo options both inside and out for the couple and their photographer. The mansion is gorgeous in the Spring and Summer, absolutely stunning in Autumn.

   It's the perfect backdrop for your elegant wedding and is sure to compliment the bride and groom's wedding photos. The exterior of the mansion has a 16’ tall black and white fountain in the circle driveway and a 10’ wide wrap around porch on two levels.
 The interior of the building has 27 crystal chandeliers, marble and wood floors, two Italian fireplaces and a theater. Each room in the property’s mansion features different paint colors, unique crown moldings in every room, Baroque furnishings, elegant artworks, and there’s a 46’ high vestibule with a skylight. A 6’ chandelier completes the grand space. With LED lighting on the exterior we can add your favorite color to the look.

Liberty Plantation  provides an uniquely enjoyable experience like no other venue can. With Music throughout the 18.5 acre property including The Mansion. You will be surrounded in nature and luxury.


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